Xerox the early days

The first four years or so  at Xerox was a quiet period .Sandeep Mathur was the  head of the operations and I his operations deputy — a kind of COO if you may .He gave me lot of elbow room to operate — some thing I cherished and I threw myself into all tasks .I believe I quietly got established as the real brain or the work horse of the Division and this helped me transit from the very different world of HCL comfortably and successfully.I stayed at the same level as when I joined Xerox as a DGM , and I could see many people rise within the organisation to become DGM’s and many even to GM’s.I was however in awe of many of the power centres across the organisation and it was only appropriate that I went through this waiting period.In later years however I was to gallop ahead to be first the GM in the Service operations and eventually to take over as the Head of the Division — galloped as I said to be an Ex Director. Grade and designations dont have much real meaning but it was good to be recognised and rewarded and to receive sizable increases in remunerations. In a quiet way I grew to be in the big league of the Corporate World and largely shed the nervousness and diffidence of the past. I would always be quiet and reserved but in subtle ways  had changed . 
In the "quiet " period I learned to be process conscious and innately took to the quality work way that was fairly widely prevalent or at least spoken off in Xerox of yore.I do believe I was a more than average adherent to the quality work way and may have gained in positioning with the senior team management . In this period another very significant revolution took place within me — I was introduced to the Soka Gakkai by Ramesh and my formal journey into the realm of ‘Human Revolution " began.  
My association with the Bharat Soka Gakkai tought me formal prayer practices .The society meetings made me look at life and myself in a very different way .It was through the Soka Gakkai that I learnt to be less anxiety prone and fearfull of failures.I changed in many ways as an individual but fell short of the real benefits the practice could have brought me.I will have much more to say about  all this later on , for now let me stick to Xerox.
Xerox had a wondeful tradition of recognition in the form of the Grand Slam events.This was a very high profile recognition trip to a foreign country once a year.Sales personal qualified on the basis of achievement against targets while all the others including the service team had quotas.The Grand slams which I attended that readily come to my mind were at Amsterdam, Paris ,Australia ( twice ) ,  Bali ,Malaysia , and Bangkok.  In later years the Service team used to have our own events and chose locations closer home where many more  could participates .These special service events included a visit to Mauratius ,one to Singapore and then Grandslam events at Nepal and Goa.
I got to see alot of countries for training , as when Atul Sobthi and I attended the Sn Mangers Programme at Wokefield Park in the UK.Atul and I returned via Rome and got to see the Vatican and the memorable sights of Rome besides making a day trip to Naples.Attendence for Xerox service meets took me to the UK ( quite a few times ), Portugal  ( twice), US AND Brazil.Participation at international conferences and meeting was a great experience which added to my self confidence and perspective.

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