The winning formula

If I consider what lead to our victory there would be several reasons , here are some of them.I had a burning desire to win having risked a lot in resigning from a cushy job in ETTDC to join HRL, and could be sacked for inability to fit in or perform.This strong desire to win rubbed off on Harish & George .They needed it as they where on an extended probation.

My training in the management school at IIMB to think and work in a structured way was helping me a lot in the long gestation micrography sales cycle.We also strictly followed the seling cycle.The team placed their trust in me and followed my work way , in turn I took full responsibility for performance .
I carried no baggage from the past and went about the task of securing orders with enthusiasm and hope.Harish & George may well have had reservations in the early days , how ever I kept at it and some where along the line they must have realised we where on the right track .
We discussed all tactical issues regarding each case every day,including on Saturdays role plays of what our customers objections maybe .These daily tactical discussions and the movement we could see in several cases must have lead to a growing confidence in the new methods I had introduced .Harish also had a big part to play as I felt he also believed in the structured and thoughtfull work way.I was often told when I was taking over this team that Harish would be difficult to handle .This was an error of judgement by my managers .He was a great influence in our successes.
I was in regular touch with my Manager in Delhi ,CR Ramesh.Then my manager and later to be a life long friend .Our lives would intertwine in a mystical way as we lived through our lives .I would have much to say about Ramesh & Jaya , his wife, later on .This frequent communication helped convey the feeling that we where on the right track and our adherence to the recommended sales strategy only helped keep faith in us.This positive communication also helped our team stay on track and accept my leareship and directions.If Harish & George had not cooperated with me or choose to leave we may not have succeeded as they carried all the knowledge of customer contacts , the lay of the land etc.
There was a human side to why they hung in and helped .I believe I set up for them a caring and result oriented environment .We even had our fun moments together as we went off on picnics & outtings together .We got to know each other and what we saw of each other must have been appealling both ways .We alll needed each other and needed to succeed .  

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