Saras J

Informative without being boring, interspersed with personal interactions & humour, Hari brings out the true essence of this dwindling community with their unique lifestyle in his book ” These Bloomin Anglos”  A sensitive & heart-warming portrayal indeed!

Desmond Holt

Really good stuff, Hari.  I look forward to buying and reading your book when it has been published.  Kudos to you for the hard work you have put into this book.

Take care and God bless

Bridget White Kumar

Lovely hearing from you. Thank you for sending me the first three chapters of your book and the summary of it. It makes very interesting reading and you have recalled so much nostalgia.

Francis Wilfred Moore

I have been through Hari Baskaran’s  Book on his personal views of the Anglo Indians as he knows / know them from his childhood onwards. It is a very vivid A/c of the AI’s of old to the present day.
The book is worth reading especially if you know the Anglos of the past and the present. It makes for very good reading. God Bless Hari.

KC Srinivas

I soaked into the interesting article; read and re-read with relish – a tribute to your arresting style of writing, Hari. I congratulate you, for a lucid piece of work, rendered in delightful English, vibing so harmoniously with people like me who have savoured the company of this delightful, exclusive community.

Paul D’souza

Just read through your draft and you have really made it interesting reading!  The added history is much needed and you have done a great job blending the old and the new!

George Varghese

Lovely, Hari. I enjoyed going through it. It was like a nostalgic journey listening to my Anglo-Indian friends, through my school days at St Joseph’s European (now Boys) High School, Museum Road, Bangalore.

Dr Robyn Andrews

Thank you for your introduction and a taste of your book.  All the very best with it, and the launches. I look forward to reading more!

Arun Balakrishnan

Well-written and quite gripping in its own way, I think the essence of the book is its narration and literary style. The life and times of the Anglo-Indian community are well depicted and brings out the goodness in them – a sort of innocence.

Dr. Julian Adie

This book would be most welcome and gratefully received by the surviving members of our community and would do us great honour. I have had great difficulty explaining to my wife, who is Welsh, and children who I actually am! We have had very little knowledge of our roots and reading your book was quite insightful.