A new begining

I will be more consistent in posting on my blog this year. The last few years were tardy in this regard and I  lost the urge to blog. The WordPress 101 exercises will surely get me off the ground once again.

When I look back  all the way to 2006 when I first started out on this blog, I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences as I muddled through life ; the highs and lows and what led to eventual successes. I wanted to bare it all to an unseen world around me and in some ways I felt I may be of help to others who may likewise be plodding through life. The need to be of assistance to others was as much of a motivator as the need to share.

Some where along the path I felt I was not really achieving anything by my blog posts and post retirement several other activities took front stage and blogging slipped into the background. WordPress 101 is forcing me to reassess why I choose to blog.

My blog can only be meaningful to like minded people with similar interests. I believe I have tons to learn from others just as I have a fair amount to share. The new beginning is going to be all about reaching out to other people and learning from them and sharing with them.

My areas of interest are spiritualism, fitness, travel and adventure and hobbies such as photography, chess and writing. I look forward to hearing from  others with similar interests and sharing experiences.

To be fit or not to !

I was asked to contribute an article on keeping fit for our company’s magazine . Here it is .It should be published in a short while !!

Me a role model of good health???!! I’ m perplexed at the thought!! What with a dodgy back which I have lived with for a couple of decades now .Regular exercises, a prudent life style and a little care have ensured it never went out of hand. Add to that a suspect digestive system that doesn’t allow  splurging on rich food, perhaps to my advantage; and a congenital heart disease that prevents  loading my poor heart beyond a point, and you get the picture. None of these is an excuse for not keeping fit. When it comes to fitness your clock starts NOW!

A month or so ago, on a cycling expedition in Kerala, we had just completed the Kovalum –Kanyakumari leg, an 85 km stretch along the West Coast, in very hot and humid weather and heavy traffic to boot, when our lead rider and the strongest of the group, said that I have a strong mind and that not many Indians at the age of 63 can complete a trip like this on a cycle, in one go!! Hmmm.. I guess so, although 85 kms per se isn’t much to write home about, but for the relatively tough conditions. I suppose then, I have the licence to share my pennies worth, on leading a healthy lifestyle, isn’t it?

Keeping  your fitness bar ever higher is  a mantra .We more often than  not ,underestimate our capabilities .When you hear of cancer survivors performing at international sporting events and golden oldies ,well into their sixties ,both male and female , competing creditably in Iron Man contests , you know that age or ailments are no bar in excelling in physical activity .The highway to good fitness is open for all who recognize the imperative to stay healthy and who have the tenacity to stay the course, all their lives. The benefits are too numerous to enumerate here. Don’t wait till it’s too late to get on to the road to happiness.

You all know what a healthy life style calls for – right eating & drinking, the right levels of nutrition and exercise, a calm and composed mind and balance in all the things we do..  et al. This is hygiene. Fitness is driven by a mindset that strives to push oneself beyond ones obvious capabilities. Isn’t that a good mindset to have? Won’t it do a world of good in cultivating a passion to excel? Won’t it lead to countless gains in your fathomless desire to grow, not just in your career but as a human being?

Some of you are in the deadline forties and some approaching that awesome landmark .I would only urge you to pay heed to your health and fitness, if you are not already doing so.Then you can lead a life relatively free of illness and disabilities and remain sharp and active for a long long time to come. Remember how fortunate you are to be in good health now and how active and full of beans you are today. If you want to live life to the full, even as your grandchildren loll around all over you, start an appropriate fitness regime pronto.

Jai Hind!