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It was at HRL as the Country Head of the Service Team that I first entered the big league .This was a team that grew to be greater than 250 strong and a job that required human relations skills , process orientation ,and all the related skills taught to us at the Management school.I did get to like the role and soon got identified as a Service Profile and not a sales profile.Be that as it may I liked the role , found it very challenging and maybe was better cut out to be a service person than a sales person .This is some thing that has alway been at the back of my mind , perhaps I wanted to be in the sales fraternity .I always said to my self that should the opportunity to lead a sales team come my way I would not be found wanting.However I was quiet and shy and did not have the usual charecteristics of salesmen and people could be forgiven if they didnt want to assign me the role of a sales head.
What realy where the factors that lead to my success in his role.Firstly I think I was able to see the bigger picture and could fashion the service vision based on the requirements of the senior management team.Secondly I was able to bring a holistic approach to developing the policies and programmes for the service team some thing my B school had trained me to do.It was unusual for a person of my background to be in service and I was  surely way above most others in terms of strategic thinking and alligning the team to company goals. I guess as a leader I was head and shoulders above the others in the service team and hence quickly got to a position of unquestioned leadership within the team.I maynot have found the going so easy in terms of aquiring leadership in a sales and marketing fraternity.Not rotating and getting into a sales & marketing position earlier enough in my career would surely have stunted my growth as a professional.
I was always a people orinted manager and  this helped me win the support of the service team including the senior team members .I was a good role model for them and and always sought ways of getting the best out of them.Having the full confidence of the MD and other senior managers helped get me the space to work freely.I loved the freedom I got and all my life this was a big requirement for me in any assignment.
One principle I always adhered to in my career was to allign personal goals to that of the company and to steer the teams goals in line with the broader company goals.This is something I always advise any manager to do .All my earlier professional days where tied down to the office and I got little or no time for the family.My wife Deepa gave me al the emotional support I needed and took ful responsibility for the family leaving me free to imerse my self in work.Was this good or bad ?? I can say but i’ve always found that there is really a thin line between what is good and not so good .How one conducts one self and gets the best out of any situation is the most important thing in life.I was really fortunate to have such an understanding and wonderful person as my wife.

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