Growing Wings

Another significant first was moving away from home for my first job ,at ITI Bangalore.I stayed as a paying guest ,took my own decisions regarding my time ,activities etc etc .It was as if the butterfly was finally breaking out of the  cocoon.But as I said before I wasnt a very brightly coloured butterfly nor did I seek to fly far far away.I largely remained insecure & uncertain of myself and this would continue for several years till I came to terms with my self,nevertheless this was a very significant land mark .I grew up by leaps and bounds and thoroughly enjoyed a life of my own.
I stayed with the Thomases ,Suzy and Ipe and there two little children Miriam & Ipe Jn.They where a wonderful family to stay with and I felt at home and comfotable with them .Had most meals with the family had to share the toilets and was almost part of the family!! They had a wonderful easy going and uncomplicated attitude to life and in certain ways I must have been influenced by their living style .I also wanted my own freedom and privacy which they gave me,allowing me to live my own life the way I wanted to .This and the fact I was away from home gave me a really great feeling and I shook off some ,if not all, the shackles that bound me for so long.

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