From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success

I recovered over the years slowly but surely. If I was to nail down the lowest moment it would probably have been in the 4th year or early 5th year in Engg when a batch of 30 or 40 of us attended a briefing and preliminary interview for a position & scholarship for Naval Architecture.Every body but two were given forms to fill in post the preliminary interview and would go on to take the Services Selection Board selection processs.The two who were not even given forms to fill was a guy whose eye sight was way outside the prescribed limit and me … me because the Capt who was doing the initial screening just didnt feel I could make the grade ????
When I got back home that night I sank down on my knees in the privacy of my room and there,in conversation with God, said this must be the lowest point in my life .Things can only go better .And I pledged to work tirelessly to turn the situation around .I asked God to help me in my endeavours and to give me the strength and courage to succeed.
Not being schooled in any of the scriptures I choose as prayers "Lead Kindly Light" and " Abide with me" both where universal prayers and I recited  them each day for the next 20 years or so before I was introduced to more formal Buddhist prayers which I adopted and held firmly too ever since I was introduced to them over 15 years ago.Perhaps it was that early forlorn pledge and deep plea for support that brought for me protection and help all through my life . Years later a good astrologer & family friend who read my horoscope said to me that I had built my life brick by brick and at every stage God was beside me . That really would have been the way I would describe my struggles and growth in good fortune over the years.If I was to attempt to count all my blessings I would go on and on for eons and not finish the list.I have a big debt to repay to the Lord.
The climb up wards was really slow early in my career but every day was a day of learning and progress starting with breaking out on my own at B’lore.I reestablished a feeling of self belief and this got strengthened many many fold during my stint at IIM B’lore.In those years of training a great deal of personal development took place.The IIM training laid the platform for the way I would approach all future assignments and helped me understand professional life from a wholistic perspective.My structured approach to all assignments and strategic perspective were thanks to the training we received at IIM B.

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