Celebrating Active Ageing


Reading “Celebrating Active Ageing” will transform your life. Join the movement.

The right choices in your middle years and as you approach retirement can make a huge difference between your elder years being a painful burden or one of self-sufficiency and vibrancy.

A change of mind set from looking at retirement as a phase of decline leading to oblivion to one of setting fresh goals and achieving aspirations and taking the right set of actions can make all the difference for you.

“Celebrating active ageing” brings together inspirational stories of world-class athletes, senior citizens and advice from several authoritative sources to help you remain physically active at any age and retain a youthful spirit of adventure.

The book showcases the lives of several senior citizens which will inspire you to change the way you live and in turn inspire others. Come join the movement.

Active Aging

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What readers say about the book.

“It is an invigorating call to participate in ageing life with zest and enthusiasm.”

                                               —- V.P. Govindas, 92 years

“It has lots of anecdotes and plenty of inspiring stories backed with science, making it very interesting to read. This book will transform lives.”

                                         — Shiny Surendran, Sports and Preventive health Nutritionist, Chennai

“Hari nudges the reader to embrace adventure as a way of life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.”

                                         —– R. Shekar, Executive Coach and Business Mentor.

“It is quite absorbing and makes motivational reading. People like me will derive immense benefit by its reading.”

                                          —— R.S. Sharma, Former CMD, ONGC.

About the author

Hari Baskaran is a champion of active ageing at the age of 71.

At 60, Hari took to cycling to stay fit and as a hobby. He participated in several cycling events and intercity cycling expeditions. He dedicated a 250 kms cycle ride at the Desert 500 Ultra cycling event in 2015 to children affected by cancer, in partnership with the Indian Cancer Society, and raised funds for this noble cause.

He has also gone on many treks in the Himalayas, including one to a height of 5000 metres in Himachal Pradesh in 2016. He has written four books, the last of which was a popular book on the Anglo-Indian community, ‘These bloomin’ Anglos,’ which he published in 2018.

In January 2019, at 70, Hari went on a cyclothon to celebrate active ageing and to draw attention to the critical support needs of the elderly, in partnership with HelpAge India. He cycled from Chennai to Delhi, approximately 3000 kms over two months. He stayed at many old age homes, visited orphanages and schools for disadvantaged children and the visually impaired, and interacted with senior citizens associations to encourage and bring cheer to them.

Hari is an alumnus of the College of Engineering, Guindy and the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru. In his illustrious career he was the Executive Director at Xerox India and the Executive Vice President at HCL Infosystems. He retired from the corporate world at the age of 64 and has since been leading an active and fulfilling life following his dreams and passion.