Celebrating Active Ageing

My book on, “Celebrating Active Ageing” in partnership with HelpAge India will soon be published.
“Celebrating Active Ageing,” will benefit all people approaching retirement and those well past it. It seeks to inculcate a culture of fitness and a spirit of challenge that enables health and vitality way into the seventies and eighties. The book is inspirational and encourages readers to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle post retirement by drawing up their own unique active ageing agenda, with a deliberate and purposeful approach to life. In addition to personal experiences it draws upon the experiences of several inspirational individuals from among senior citizens and those approaching retirement.
Celebrating active ageing embraces a holistic approach to life, all aspects of which such as physical activity, diet and nutrition, and spiritual and social engagement are covered in the book. It encourages setting sustainable targets and programmes for physical fitness and positive engagement with ones hobbies and passions. References to many books and resources on the internet add interest and depth to understanding the process of graceful and actively ageing and keeping fit.
The narrative is light and free flowing with emphasis on real life experiences and developing and maintaining a sense of joy.