The Plan

The plan is to recall the very first instances of significant events from the very earliest days.I’m going to start with one that may not qualify as the earliest but some thing that has always remained a very special moment for me.
I had moved from  St Kevin’s to St Mary’s in 1957 and took part for the first time in  the school sports. As a tiny 8 year old I was in the ‘F’ Division.The sports meet was held at the Corporation Stadium in Chennai. On the great day as I wandered around I saw a race about to start and sauntered up to the starting line to get a closer look.I was surprised that it was my event and every one was shouting out to me to join.I stripped down to my running shorts and vest threw away the rest of the clothes and lined up with the others at the start line. I went on to win the event in a record time beating the favourite Eby Martin. That was the start of my foray as an athlete at school. I went on to win several laurels including the Junior Division Individual Championship at the Inter School Sports meet a few years later. I faded away later on due to ill health and various other reasons.But that’s another story and for another day.The memory of this first event is firmly etched in my mind. It is one of the fondest memories I have of my boyhood days.  

Getting started

Here I am setting off on a new journey of discovery and also of enquiry … where do I head too,what do I do.Perhaps I’ll write a book of experiences or better still document an inner journey .. from no where to enlightenment.Or a corporate guide for the uninitiated.Maybe a blend of all these.May be I’ll give it a fictional flavour .For the moment I have loads to do and loads to worry about in the good ole corporate world.Never a moment when you don’t have some thing to worry about