Ah the Windows Live Writer

I just down loaded the Windows Live Writer and hopefully will now find it much easier to update my blog and hence write a lot more than what I have been doing in the recent past .Lot’s of people who have read snatches of the blog seem to like it ..including one of Deepa’s doctors !!

I’d like to go on and write a book .I’ve done a fair amount of drafting and composing and perhaps in a while will be ready to set it up as an E –Book !! This was one of my New Year resolutions but really couldnt concentrate on it due to Deepa’s illness .I had hoped to close it in the first quarter of this year .Now maybe I’ll close it in the first quarter of the next .What’s New Year resolutions for if you cant recall them in the next year and rededicate your self to them again, no ??

 Here’s my simple maiden post using Windows Live Writer .. Hurray !!

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