Spiti-Manali adventure: Enduring signages along the highway

Signages add a touch of character to the places we visit on our adventures. It also adds to the several associations we retain in our storehouse of memories.

On the way to Chitkul from Sarahan we stopped at a wonderful view point of a deep gorge in the midst of the mountains. Strong winds made us clutch on to each other for fear of being blown away. This was the site of a dilapidated cable car, a tourist attraction that now lies rusty and disused. Take a look at the signage and gorgeous view.

Several signages greeted us as we approached Chitkul. A reminder that this was the last village in India before we enter Tibet and also the presence and sacrifices of the sentinels who guard our borders.

This martyrs memorial on the route from Chitkul to Nako, was a grim reminder of the many precious lives lost in the construction of these mountain roads and in their maintenance.

I loved this little signage that announced, out of nowhere, our hotel in Nako.  

Equally appealing is this little signage at the confluence of the Sutlej and Spiti Rivers of the dhaba we stopped by for lunch on our way to Nako. Very unusual but superlative location for a dhaba which we could have easily missed.

Buddhist symbolism was present all over the Spiti Valley. An unusual symbol on the mountains at Nako was the horn of a ram. Perhaps it represents immortality or strength.

Here is a quotation from the Buddha which we saw at the Dhankar Monastery.

At places of interest around Kaza we saw several interesting signages. The locals seem to have a pride in the facilities they have at these high altitudes.

The Chacha- Chachi dhaba at Bartal just after the Kumjun La was a wonderful experience we had. Here are the associated signages.

The signage announcing Kumjun La is a favourite photo opp for adventure travelers.

Harry Porter fans would love this signage outside a café near the Mall Road in Manali.

Finally the sight of the Atul Tunnel as we headed to Manali was so welcome after the torturous roads from Kumjun La to Gramphu.    

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