Choose the way you live

You can choose a lifestyle that will keep you healthy, happy, and free from most illnesses –and keep dementia at bay. Start setting up an active ageing agenda by the age of fifty.

This post tells you what this involves.

As a start, remember that retirement is not a period of steady decline leading to the inevitable end but a period when you can set fresh goals and fulfil aspirations. Ageing active means that you lead a purposeful and meaningful life doing the things you want to do and like to do, at the time of your choice. Eating healthy, keeping yourself physically fit, keeping mentally active and learning new skills keeps you young at heart with a spirit of challenge and adventure. Spiritual and social engagement and community welfare activities bring meaning and purpose to life.

An active ageing agenda needs to allow time for all of these aspects of living. Go for it, retirement is the gift of time.

You will benefit from a structured approach to laying down the activities of your life with clear milestones of achievement. A fascinating aspect of this journey is that there is a limitless supply of information on the internet on each of the areas of interest and a variety of tools to access this treasure chest of information. It goes without saying that it is essential to be digitally savvy. These continuous learning opportunities keep your mind active and progressively refreshes the way you engagement with the environment.

Each of us adopts an active ageing agenda based on our talents, circumstances and the passions that drive our life. In my book Celebrating Active Ageing, I have presented the lives of many people to illustrate this point. A common feature of all these life stories, is the high degree of commitment and passion each of them have displayed in their lives, and the high standards they set for themselves. I will share about each of these individuals in the posts to follow.

Being purposeful and deliberate about the choices you make in life calls for a structured approach or a least a semi- structured approach to planning your life. My friend Swapan Ray and I have been rather structured in our approach. The next post will cover how each of us has chosen the way we wish to live and the goals and targets we set.

I will be happy to receive your feedback on what you considered important as you look ahead at the journey of your life. Do write back to me in your comments.
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Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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