The indomitable Theresa Waples

The indomitable Theresa Waples
 Theresa Waples

It’s rare to see such radiance and zest for life in an 87 year old. Theresa had a fall in Jan this year and spent time in the hospital getting a titanium ball & socket joint, followed by a stint at Kingston Rehab where she spent 3 or 4 weeks getting physiotherapy and learning to care for herself.  Far from being apprehensive and reclusive, she was fearless and confident and as she said just a little wonky on her feet.

She has a sharp mind and vivid memories as she spoke to me of her youthful days in Royapuram in a conversation that lasted over 2 1/2 hours. Her bright eyes, cheerful demeanour and vibrant voice set her apart from most people her age.  Her regard and consideration for others was admirable. She well and truly bowled me over.  To live alone in a two- room apartment is a choice she made and she clearly values living a life of dignity and living it to the full.

Theresa and Rodney
Theresa and son Rodney

She speaks glowingly of the love and care she receives from the Council of Nobel Park where she lives in Melbourne. The Council provides citizens with an opportunity to lead an independent life. Theresa has a string of activities that includes weekly visits to the library, walks with the walking club, hydrotherapy sessions and the movies. The seniors club also arranges visits to concerts and other places of entertainment. Cleaning of the homes and help with purchasing groceries are other facilities provided by the Council. A doctor also visits her home on a regular basis.

As Theresa says, “The government of Australia actively encourages senior citizens to lead a full and active life. What more can we ask for!! If I was in India I would just be vegetating, whereas here I am happy and look forward to each day. I am very glad to be in this wonderful country.”

Hats off to a remarkable and graceful lady.


Author: hari008

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2 thoughts on “The indomitable Theresa Waples”

    1. Hello Viswanath, I studied at St. Mary’s from ’58 to’64. So did Rodney. The Waples yuo are talking about is his younger brother.

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