2014 Here I come !

I am a habitual year start planner and truthfully I made the effort to complete as many of the plans I had laid out as possible. This year is no different and I have a bag full of plans for the New Year. I am raring to go!

I’m not going to let slip my daily prayers and chanting, as I have over the last year. I have been very consistent over the last few months and I will keep this going. Study goes hand in glove with prayers and I have made a start this year by purchasing, very appropriately, Sensei’s lectures on, “On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime.” This year I am going to work a lot on my own human revolution and this book will be the ideal start to the campaign. I will procure and read additional books right through the year.

I intend to engage in several initiatives that will help sharpen the saw and will take up the serious study of a range of different subjects. I plan to polish up writing skills and re-study English grammar as a start .I have procured the following books for immediate study : Collins Improve your Writing Skills , Successful Writing by Maxine Hairston and Michael Keene ,and Advanced English Grammar by Martin Hewings. I’ll start with this for the moment. I have also zeroed in on an interactive on- line study guide on Improving Writing Skills prepared by the Bristol University. I find this very appropriate for my requirements.

I have commenced study of Internet Marketing. Right now I am studying the material provided by Copyblogger on Content Writing .This seems a good start and I hope to build on this. I have also purchased an e-book, “111 Tips to create your own book trailer,” by Doris-Maria Heilmann. This book has several interesting links to help in creation of promotional material for marketing books and is a good guide to internet marketing. I have subscribed to the news- letters of Savvy Books which offers abundant reading material on book publishing and distribution.

I plan to take up the study of chess openings and strategy. I was interested in and played the game several decades ago; now I feel inclined to get back to more serious study of the game using on-line tools. Another pet hobby that will get back on to the radar, is photography and more particularly photo editing. I have all the necessary ingredients including the Elements 9 software to get started.

Book writing and publishing is going to be a major activity right through the year. I start off with,”Building Winning Partnerships- A ringside view, “which will be published by the end of January or early February. I will be heavily engaged in the marketing and distribution of this book in the first quarter of the year. I have worked on this book for over a year now and look forward to its successful release. Through the year I will be writing, at least one essay and one short story every month. I also have been approached by the former captains of the companies I worked for to co-author books. I will take the lead in moving this forward during the year.

My love for cycling and outdoor activities is as strong as ever .I will be continuing training under a personal trainer all through the year and will participate in a few long distance cycling events or expeditions with my Velosportive friends. I want to improve my cycling speed by at least 15% and complete 250 kms in less than 15 hours. I will be getting in touch with a few friends to join them in a trekking expedition this summer. I have also asked a friend who is an avid bird watcher, to introduce me to bird watching this winter season. I hope to join him on his week- end bird watching activities.

I have sown the seeds for several professional engagements; I am not sure what will materialize out of these .However I am not overly anxious to participate in these assignments and will take them as they come. I have an opportunity to participate in teaching and other activities at the Aurobindo Society in Delhi and I am inclined to spend time on this. I don’t as yet know what is the scope and nature of this engagement. I will come to know what is possible, as a start, in a few days and will take it on from there.

Over the years, reading of books has taken a back seat. This year I plan to read at least eight books. I have got hold of collected short stories from Ruskin Bond, Anita Desai and Alice Munro to start with and will build on these as the year goes by.

I guess my hands will be full with this array of activities. 2014 here I come!


Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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