Walking the Half Marathon

I completed the Delhi Half Marathon this Sunday! Walked all the way as I didn’t want to further stress & injure the shins and Plantar Fasciitis .Didn’t completed it under three hours as I would have wanted too .This would have required more jogging along with the walking or at least a brisker start which I was afraid  off, to avoid further injury that may have  cause me to pull out of the event.

It was good though. The half marathon doesn’t seem so daunting anymore and I will be back next year, a lot wiser and better prepared. To finish, was the aim of participation this year; to finish with a creditable timing will be the aim next year.

My colleague Sandeep accompanied me right through the event .I was a bit worried I would end up with no company but this needn’t have been so worrisome .I saw quite a few people young and old trudging along, and alone at that !! Sandeep nearly got us to miss the event as he showed up very late and we had to push our way through just as as the gates were closing.

I had been tensed up on the days preceding the event, thinking a lot of the prep or lack of it and allowing the sheer excitement of participation build up .Next year would be different. I would have reached pro status!!!!! One has to give Sandeep a great deal of credit as he was ill with a viral infection a few weeks before and had a bad chest cold even a few days ago .As he said, he is feeling a lot better after the effort of completion and like me wants to put in a creditable timing next year.

There are a whole lot of training schedules on the internet to help one train correctly for the half marathon .I intent to follow one of these .Will start very early and keep the regime going but wont over do it ,at any stage, as I did this year. I’m actually more keen on hiking and trekking than running .In fact would step up my cycling a lot in the coming days and months .Cycling is a lot better for me as an outdoor activity than running. It’s just that I have been having problems running or jogging even for short distances and would like to overcome this weakness .Cycling will remain my activity of choice.

One of the errors I made this time was in shoe selection. I couldn’t resist the temptation to close the purchase when I was in a mall. I should have done the mandatory study on the internet before deciding on the shoe and instead impulsively made the purchase in spite of obviously ill-equipped shop assistants .If only one had controlled ones impetuosity. I ended up buying a Runtone shoe from Reebok; yes the same ones that were in the news for wrong advertising and Reebok had to return money to those who paid for it in the US!! The shoe has built in micro instability (!!!???) that lends itself to more calorie consumption, better toning of the legs and heavens, the butt, as the ads claimed!!! Advice on the internet was not to use it for distance running and at best it was meant as a training shoe.  But some people talked of its comfort and that it was quite alright for walking .After some thought I finally decided to use it .It was clearly the most comfortable shoe I had and I had got reasonably used to the micro instability. In the final analysis I had no problem with these infamous shoes!!

It’s just over eight hours since I completed the event and soreness and stiffness of muscles around the calves, shin and even the shoulders is growing. I did notice I tense up around the shoulders as I walk and even around the ankles and foot .I guess these are all the problems of improper posture and walking / running style and needs correction. I did consciously relax these muscles every time I grew aware of it  .I could feel the stress on the shins and even along the foot and calf muscles and knew that I was in for loads of soreness after the event . It isn’t so bad as of now and I am giving these areas some treatment so that I should be in reasonably good shape tomorrow when I get back to the office. Let’s see what the morrow brings.

For now I’m quite happy with my effort .It was all worth it.


Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

5 thoughts on “Walking the Half Marathon”

  1. Dear Hari, I am really sorry for showing up late. Never intended to do so. The far off parking made it a little tougher for me. at the same time it really warmed me up as I had to jog from defence colony parking lot to Jawahar lal Nehru stadium.
    I promise to be there next year on time and make it within 2hrs 50 mins.

  2. Hari,
    You completed the half-marathon. Good show! Better luck on your timing next year.

    Yes, good shoes make a hell of a difference. I bought a nike walking shoe for $80.00 here in the US. The under part of the toe, for some reason, is curled upwards somewhat like the nawab shoes of old. The net result is that I can’t feel the ground with my toes unless I take an extra long step. It feels like I’m walking with only half my foot touching the Earth most of the time. I wonder who designs these expensive pieces of junk ?!
    Anyway, I went back to the simple $12 shoes which are comfy and I can feel my whole foot pressing the Earth!

    1. LOL !! Yes Anil , the kind of advertising these people come up with to induce a purchase at a higher price !! Luckily I have now got quite used to the Reebok run tone shoes and they are working ok for me ! Are you into walking / running in a big way ? Regards ,Hari

      1. Oh heck, No! I wish I were though.
        With kids in high school, a hectic job and other interests – no time at all. I do get in my 3 miles a day of walking though – by getting down one station earlier while going to work and same on the way back.

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