Hail the Miners of Chile

The saga of the miners trapped in a mine collapse in Chile is truly staggering .I for one ,get claustrophobic in small enclosed spaces and have yet to gain the mastery over my errand mind in such situations .I fear my son has similar problems .Recently, post an accident on the football field, he broke his fore arm and was required to sport a plaster cast .Such was his phobic reaction that he got into a spot of panic as he felt itchy under his cast and wasnt able to do any thing about it !! Oh what  mischief our errand minds are capable off !

I can’t imagine just how these 33 miners managed to keep their sanity and live in an enclosed space for such a long time .And then when the outside world located them and began to communicate with them through a narrow hole , they had to stay confined for another 69 days .

The entire saga will take some time before it will be shared with the world , because the miners have decided to clamp up and speak in a coordinated manner and share all earnings . This again is commendable unity and a brilliant stroke of foresight. Perhaps they got wise  to the opportunity soon after being hoisted free by media barons latching on to them for exclusive scoops and promises of rich earnings.The saga had made them united in their endeavour to survive and this clearly was working for them even after breaking free.

The saga of survival is a triumph of science and technology involving understanding of the human mind ,managing  nutrition & health in dire conditions and keeping the spirits alive . The best of resources across the globe all seem to have chipped in to successfully keep the miners alive and to bring them safely out to fresh air ,the open skies and the love of their families & friends.

What was really commendable was the way the miners lived together in supportive harmony , encouraging each other and ensuring they collectively survived the ordeal.I guess they owe a lot to each other and their attitude to fellow human beings must have changed for ever.  

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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