HCL’s CXO Meet at Udaipur

By all accounts and feedback from all categories of participants, the CXO Meet at Udaipur from 16th  to 18th Sept , was a grand success. Every event is judged on multiple parameters, more particularly, the quality of content and participation, the speakers, leisure activity, admin arrangements etc. Some of these as you can see are content related and others context related .Just as in all aspects of our career, including job satisfaction , content related issues are satisfiers while context related are dis-satisfiers .The absence of expressed dis-satisfaction is an indication of the smooth conduct of the event and the comfort level with the stay arrangements. Great work done by the event organisers!

Successful events  have their share of hero’s , and so did the CXO Event .Among the speakers AKC, D Shivakumar, Jamling Tenzing Norgay ,and Saurav Adhikari  stood out , each in his own way. AKC’s session on transcending CXO Boundaries would have been an eye opener for CIOs aspiring to be CEOs and would have touched a chord within each of the CIO’s present. His coverage of the evolution of the HCL Brand over the last five years talked of transcending perception barriers ; and his strong ownership of the HCL Brand, a la Steve Jobs ,came out very strongly. Likewise his concluding address on technological advances making living for ever possible (!!!) in the not too distant future  was a fitting conclusion to the Event.

Shiv’s presentation on Transcending Communication boundaries delved upon how the ubiquitous mobile phones are changing the way people access information or stay connected .His session brought a surge of audience interest  through very pertinent questions and the involved, rushed to meet him during the break .Shiv was visibly impressed by the large participation of CXOs at the event and the great forum for discussion and exchange of ideas that it provided .He was also  impressed with the products on display particularly the all in one PC and the Finmate; though he did say that Nokia has a world class surveillance and control centre at their R&D Facility in B’lore and indicated he may arrange for some of our team members to visit the same.

Jamling Norgay’s address  on his successful climb of Mount Everest was a different cup of tea altogether but  the rapt attention of the audience showed how very moving his address was; as did the rush to have photos taken along side him. The degree of difficulty and the enormously dangerous mission was beautifully brought out .All through his address, his humility, his attachment to his father and his family and his advocacy of respect for the mountains, concern for the environment and homage to the Gods came across in a very touching way.

Saurav’s presentation on Vidyagyan : Enabling Social Change was also very moving .Infact so vey moving that the hostess of the Event, Shivani , choked as she spoke about it .It really was a touching effort at changing the lives of underprivileged children on the foundation of meritocracy, empowerment , leadership and aspiration. While these initiatives were through the Shiv Nadar Foundation, there was a huge spin off benefit to HCL as a whole. Some of our key partners talked of it as a different side of HCL.

Sessions on The Future of Cloud , The International Financial Reporting Standards ,  Social Media ,E-Governance, The Transition to the GST Regime etc were all very topical and had a great deal of audience interest .The good thing about this Event is that it provided a great platform for exchange of ideas and discussion among an array of people with converging or adjacent interests. This clearly is a platform for CXO interaction that can be institutionalised  through a yearly event and one that most people would eagerly look forward to .

Finally, we had a very appropriate and talented Hostess for the Event in Shivani Pashricha . She did a wonderful job of introducing speakers and in summing up each session and  lent class to the event . All in all it was a great event very well conducted and managed .Kudos to George, the Marketing team  and the Admin team who all worked very hard to make this event a grand success.

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

2 thoughts on “HCL’s CXO Meet at Udaipur”

  1. Hari,
    you must have had a very interesting experience. You referred Tenzing’s son and that is what touched my heart. I grew up in Darjeeling and Tenzing was the Director of HMI. He was an extremely humble person and despite fame and adulation he remained untouched and unaffected. I was fortunate to know him.
    thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Siddhartha , Glad you like the post .Jamling Norgay also made his presentation with a great deal of humility .The audience was touched and heard him in rapt attention .Cheers!!

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