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Recently I had a surprise contact with an old friend from class 1 to 4 in St Kevins , Rodney Waples,a dear old friend I hadnt been in contact with for close to forty years or so !!!??We got to exchange recollections of our early days in St Kevins and I was quite amazed at some of his vivid recollections !! I myself remember very little of those old days , neither the happy  moments non the not so happy ones . I do recollect a few names and fewer faces and do wish if I could get back more vivid memories of those early formative days .Here are snatches of the mail exchanges I had with Rodney Waples .

Hi Hari,

Thought of a few more name, and yes I remember most of the people you mentioned with the exception of Zarina Mehta and Aruna Jesudashan. Also remember Nirmal Chand – a quiet fellow.

Now for my list:-
Billy Coutts – remember him, I think he was kind of related to Daphne.
Philomena Joseph – long pony tail.
Clement Edwards and not Clement Lewis (Clement Lewis is another gut, whose brother Tony used to work at Bata’s by Flower Bazaar, I recall we used to call him "Kathar" because of his cauliflower ears)
Basil Yourey
Daphne Dique (as you mentioned)
Lancelot Hart (we used to call him Bullock Cart!)
Merrill Paul (his mother used to wear black leather shoes with white socks folded down, whenever she came to drop off Merrill at school)
Russell Watts (his father used to run movies at Mata Delorosa church at the back every sunday night)
I am not sure if Rickard Castellas was in our group or not. Perhaps your recollection is better.

It would be a good idea to get the girls to write about their memories. Lynette is in Mel, I think Bonita is as well (Cedric would be better placed to comment) and of course Jean who used to work for the ANZ bank, I’ve met her a few times.

By the way Hari, rather than going through FB, why don’t you send e mails to my address as follows:-

Thanks Mate, and lets see if we can get the ball rolling.

Take care



Hi Hari,
Sounds like a good idea to recollect our earliest memories of St Kevins. I will try.

As a preface, let me absolve myself by saying that I am not 100% accurate on my below recollections. I am more than happy and willing to be corrected on any, or all of the below recollections if need be. If any one else has similar memories, there is a good chance these recollections actually took place.

Back in the mid 50’s when we attended St Kevins, it was only a Middle school for Girls and a primary co-ed school for Girls and Boys – with Boys going up the fourth standard only.
I think there were 2 school houses ie. Nazareth (was it the red house?) and Loretto (was it the blue house?). I think the school dished out Red and Blue badges to differentiate. Were there Inter House sports amongst the senior girls?

Now onto the uniform, I think the boys wore khaki shorts and shirts, white socks Brown? / Black? shoes. The girls wore a cream top with a maroon skirt, which had two straps over the shoulders, sort of like braces, however, there was a further horizontal strap which was sewn on to the vertical straps, so as to form a H. The H configuration on the uniform appeared both in front and at the back.The girls were generally referred to as "Hungry Horses" on account of the HH of their uniform.

In trying to remember who our teachers were, I seem to recall:- (1) We had dear Sister Leonard in our first year at school. She had a friendly and joyful disposition and we had a lot of fun in her class.
(02) In our second year we had Miss Joseph,rather sadly, I remember her for pock marks and thick glasses, rather than what she taught us. I recall our class playing the game (with Miss Joseph) while sitting on the school ground in a circle, we used to sing "I sent a letter to my Father on the way I dropped it – A boy or girl would walk along the outer perimeter and drop the parcel behind some unfortunate. If the child was not aware of this parcel, he would be called a "rotten egg" and would have to sit in the middle. If he / she was aware of it and picked up the parcel quickly, it was then his / her turn to go around the circle and the game started all over again.
(3) In the third standard we had Mrs. Pearce, I think this year was our first introduction to spelling and multiplication tables, as well as reading aloud in the class?
(4) In the fourth standard we had Mrs. Kennedy. She also had a daughter in the same class as us. Wa it Dagma Kennedy?

Now for class mates yes there was you Hari – I remember you telling us about Sputniks (would have coincided when the Soviets launched their first unmanned space craft), the next launching ended in a failure, and the press dubbed the launch "Flopnik". I passed this on to my parents at home and they were duly impressed with your current affairs knowledge.
Other classmates were Alan Wong, Brian Jones, as you said Gordon Maitland, Clement Lewis / Louis (??) Dagma Kennedy, Jean D’Souza, Peter Pountney. There was also a girl called Sakuntala, and I know this for sure, as my parents used to tease me about her. I am kind of unsure whether Cedric was in Royapuram at this early stage. Also, I am struggling with the names of other class mates. So any assistance would be appreciated.

Now Hari, how does that sound for starters?





Hi There Hari,

We both left school back in 1964, which was 46 years ago and more than half our life times! Hasn’t time flown by. Well after finishing school, I did PUC at Loyola and then completed a B Com also at Loyola, finishing in 1969. Left India for Australia in Feb 1970 and been in Melbourne ever since. I married Gloria Hughes in 1972, and have 2 gorgeous daughters born in 1975 and 1978 respectively. Our eldest daughter has 2 boys ( 2.5 yrs old and 3 months resp) and the younger daughter is yet to open her account.

Both, Gloria (teacher) and I are retired and enjoying our grandchildren. I used to work for Alcoa of Australia in the Marketing / Finance Dept. but with the company’s final move to Western Australia in 2005, got a golden handshake. Did a bit of consulting for 2 – 3 years after that, but have now retired. Likewise, it’s good hearing, and making contact with you. We sure go back a long time, and yes it was fantastic to re establish ties with Hari, I guess we kind of lost contact immediately after PUC back in 66. Makes us sound like fossils!  

. My wife Gloria also finished in 2005, but does the odd stint of relief teaching – teachers taking long service leave and also for the odd sick days here and there. Glo loves her gardening and spends the rest of her free time (if she is not shopping!), looking after the grandchildren.

We have 2 girls, the eldest Tanya being an accountant (CPA) and married to a Chartered Accountant. Liam has his own accounting practice and Tanya (until the second boy was born) used to work with him. It works well that they are both in the same profession and complement each other. The second daughter is in Advertising and works for the Buchanan Group (you probably see their commercials on TV – “Brand Power” Ads, followed by Buchanan Group insignia of a bee). She is the creative type, is also married and spends about 2 weeks out of 5 traveling overseas (mainly Asia) on some advertisement shoot / campaign. Sid her husband works for Optus.


Apart from all the running around, we enjoy our retirement and do not miss the traffic jams one little bit. Both of us are into overseas travel in a big way, having done some extensive traveling since we retired. We try to have a big overseas one at least once a year. We are off to India for a flying visit in Nov of this year only about 7 days, hopefully Kenya in 2011 God willing.


I still have fond memories of your house in Main Rd Hari, and your Mum buying a bun for afternoon tea for me as well, when the baker used to come door to door selling bread etc. and then being invited to tea at your place.

I guess we lost contact after school when we went in different directions with you doing engineering and I doing Accounting. Having said that, I recently made contact with Aubrey Roberts also from Royapuram and ex St Mary’s. Do you keep in touch with any other St Mary’s boys? If so please tell me.

Now it’s your turn to tell me all about yourself eg.where you are based etc. I note you are married and still working and have a son.

Well that’s it for now old friend. Thanks for your warm greeting and let’s both make a concerted effort to keep in touch. OK? I still remember our primary school days at St Kevin’s, with Brian Jones, Alan Wong, Jean D’Souza etc.

Anyway, bye for now and regards to your family.


All the best ,


Rod. .



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