Last week end ,a fair number of members of our batch at IIMB met for a truely nostalgic evening of fond memories ,fun and entertainment .It’s not going to be easy doing justice to each individual who contributed to making the  evening memorable .I’ll just write "off the bat" ,so to speak as I recollect that funtabulous evening.
For me the star of the show was Vijay Padaki .I remember meeting him at a dinner ,a few of us had organised for him at Delhi ,in March this year .I was seeing him after a really long time and did think he had aged quite a bit .On this occassion I came to know he was all of 70 years .Now that’s something .Some how he didnt look old any longer .In fact he pranced around entertaining us and also taught us the steps of the dance from the movie Zorba The Greek .We all stumbled along in a circle ,arms linked around our shoulders as we attempted to dance to Vijay’s steps and George’s tune ,as he played on his piano . Now I thought he had defied aging !! He keeps him self quite busy even now as he takes Theatre to schools and colleges and also works on a project to get a bunch of NGOs ,all working on up lifing the socially deprived sections of society, to gel into a composite well knit corporate entity .Some project this . We also met his dignified and charming wife Rupa (Hope I got her name right ) who is also into Management Consulting.. He was a single parent looking after two young girl children when we were at the institute .
Chayya ,who was then a receptionist , and Sarojini who was in the Library also joined us for the evening .Chayya was amazing as she retained all her bubbly enthusiasim after all these years .She sang several songs with gay abandon and moved around the hall talking and joking with every one .She added a very lively touch to the evening .Sarojini was her quiet self .She did seems a trifle less charming and winsome than what we knew her to be way back thirty odd years ago .But she still spoke with quiet dignity and grace and was as friendly as ever . Thank you ladies for joinin g us and making the evening so memorable.
George  gave us a lively performance on his piano with favourites such as Lara’s Theme , Zorba the Greek and many more .I dialed Deepa on the mobile and got her to hear snatches of his recital and also got George to speak to her . Surya sang ,on popular request ,"Starry Starry Nights " , the song he had sung for all of us during an entertainment session in our Institute days .Radha got it all started with a beautifully rendered classical song .He’s now near professional in his classical music singing and Kathakalli dancing !!! He even got to sing at the Guruyayur Temple a week earlier and featured in the Deccan Herald !! Imagine the Chairman & Managing Director of ISRO singing at our party !! Comming to think of it , it’s remarkable , as Vinod Vyasulu mentioned to me , that he now holds the position that Prof Satish Dhawan once held . Hat’s off Radha .
On the same evening we had Zaheed facilitated for receiving the distinguished alumini award last month at the IIMB Convocation  ,for his contributions as Chairman and Managing Director of HMT .Arun ,the serving Chairman and Managing Director of HPCL was also with us that evening , in fact the host of the evening . These three very down to earth and humble ,yet talented individuals have made us all very proud of our batches achievements .
Professors Lingaraj ,Ganeshan and Ramakrishna also joined us for the evening .We missed Vinod Vyasulu and some of our active alumini namely Shekar , Bramachari and Anil Nayar. Srini ,Abhishek ,Bhadri , Mike , Surya ,TV ,Navin, Venkatesh ,Purna ,Kant ,George were there as always the most active in keep the spirit of our batch alive. Zaheed the elder statesman proposed that we stand in silence for the members of the staff who are no longer with us .They include Profs Herlekar , Nair , SK Roy  and Gopal Valecha . It was sad to think they had passed away .
I met SK Ray after all these years .He was one of my closest buddies in IIM B along with Ramanan .Together we had had several wonderful escapades .I still remember how Ray had bought live chicken from the market had them de feathered and cooked a delicious meal for us when we were staying in Prof Vyasulu’s flat for a spell . We both fondly remembered going down to a small restaurant near Cash Pharmacy to eat a frugal but sumptious meal of Fish Curry and Rice on several occassions .Those were great days .
Many memories of the IIM B days and for that matter early schooling and childhood are hazy memories now .This get together has taken me down yesteryear and I feel inclined to go back deep into my childhood and pull forward the vivid memories of those days .This I will do over the next several entries in this blog .    

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

2 thoughts on “The IIMB GTG”

    1. Hello Ramanan, Glad to hear from you. Yes doing well. Trust you are doing well too. What are you up to these days ?? Cheers and best wishes, Hari

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