On Sunday 29th Nov , the very first batch of IIM B’lore , of which I am a proud member , is meeting for a one of it’s kind get together . This would be a facilitation for three of our class mates who rose to the pinacle in their respective Public Sector Corporations.  IIM B at it’s inception was set up with the noble cause of providing the best in class managerial talent to the public sector or more broadly the social sector .That three rose to become Chairman and Managing Director out of a batch of 49 students is truely commendable .Hat’s off to Zahed , CMD of HMT Ltd , Arun Balakrishnan , CMD of HPCL and most recently K Radhakrishnan , CMD of ISRO . I’m looking forward to meeting them and as many of our classmates who  would be able to make it for the event .
At the event would also be Prof Ramaswamy , the founding Director of IIM B and several of the faculty members of that time .We are likely to have in attendence  Vinod Vyasulu , Vijay Padaki , Ramakrishna , and a few others. It would be good to catch up with them also .
All of us our aging , greying and possibly stooping !!! Some of our good friends we may not have the opportunity to meet again .That’s what will make this get together so very special . All of us would be on the verge of retirement or already retired and yearning to be engaged in  useful social activity and  wishing to continue contributing to society .It would be good to share idea and start forums of activity .Of late I havent been able to participate actively on the IIMB Yahoo Group and feel a little cut off , but I will soon be back into the thicket of it .
What I need to do as I fade out of Corporate life is some thing I need to work diligently on .Recently we went through an enlightening off site session for developing the new Vision and Mission statement  of the Company .This was very apt and timely for getting me thinking on a vision  and mission of my own .Never really had one all my life ,as I plodded through serving the organisations I worked for to the best of my ability and most often unmindful of my own needs and the needs of my family. Now I just have to be more " professional " if I can use the word, as I plan my post retirement  innings .

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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