From Icons to dust ..darrn drugs

It’s so sad to see icons of sports crumble to dust due to drug abuse . After Ben Johnson and Marion Jones it’s now the tennis stars that are falling into disgrace .Marion Jones was a more than sad blow , she was a great sprinter and had such a wonderfull grace and charm about her .
I never had the same awe for Andre Agassi although he was a great character and added immense spectator interest to the tennis court .His long standing marriage to Steffi Graf was like a fairly tale marriage between two great tennis stars .The grace and charm that Steffi  brought to the tennis court was almost the same as Marion Jones on the sprinting tracks .To hear that he had disgraced the sport and himself as he admitted to taking drugs in the hay days of his tennis career ,and  admitting to lying earlier, when he failed a drug test is really saddening .Wonder what Steffi makes of all this .Perhaps it was she who got him to make a clean breast of his sodded drug taking days .
Also sad to read how  Vitas Geralitis got into drugs at the age of 30 and died due to drug abuse at the age of 40  .
Sad .. hope we done hear of any more icons of yesteryear or even today disgrace themselves .
I’m steeling myself up to participate in the Great Delhi  7 km run tomorrow .I havent been able to train and prepare as well as I wanted to .An over zealous 7 km dry run last Sunday left me with several strained muscles in the legs which havent fully healed to date preventing any further training this week .Hopefully should be able to take part tomorrow and finally hit upon the right cause .. my wife’s illness .I’ll participate as best as I can so that she get’s well soon .Will also try to better my timings by a significant margin .
Wish me luck !!

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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