Pranic Healing or Mumbo Jumbo

Some days ago a friend had suggest alternate medication as treatment for my wife . We were at our  wits end as steroids ( the second inglorious round ) had been phased out almost two weeks ago and yet there was no signs of any abatement in her psyosis . We first bumped into an old family friend who offered a bout of healing with an initial session of EFT to be followed by more potent healing through her guru . In the meanwhile I got in touch with a cousin , Satish , himself a pranic healer of merit , who put us in touch with Padmini Sharma , a pranic healer based in Chennai .
It’s now been four sessions of distance healing that Deepa has been through and she has definitely shown signs of improvement .Her psyosis has abated completely and she is looking fine and gradually getting more and more sure of her self .She’s currently passing through a phase of minor bouts of anxiety as she keeps wondering what really is the cause of her problems .She is still on the anti psyosis tablet Qutipin and gets a bit groggy when ever she takes it , particularly the night dose which is a full 25 mg tablet.
I’m inclined to belief that the distance healing is the main cause of her improved mental condition .There is no logical way to understand how this has helped , but helped it sure seems to have  done. I did tell her doctor that Deepa was on to Pranic Healing in addition to her curent medication .He just shrugged his shoulders and didnt offer any comment . What he left unsaid seemed to indicate a cynical disposition to these forms of treatment . Our doctor friend Mohan on the other hand believes there is merit in such spiritual healing techniques and encouraged us to keep going with it .
The alternative could have been a visit to a psychatrist  some rounds of investigation through CAT Scans EEGs et al followed by administration of even more powerful drugs .Thank goodness the alternate sysytem seems to be working and thank goodness for pranic healing .We are all hoping the treatment eventually leads to her full and complete healing and soon Deepa would be back to her loving and agreeable self

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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