Looking Back

The other day as I was in Chennai , I couldnt help looking back on the times that had been .No specific events or people came to my mind , just a warm feeling about all that has been and of the many people who helped me at every stage of my life . When I think about it I keep seeing all the people who almost always seemed to be around when we needed any thing big or small and the kindness and consideration they always showed to us .
When you are in a hospital in an environment that usually is intimidating, any one who helps is God sent . But it’s not just the hospital where helps seems to be forth comming .When I reflect on the past, there are innumerable instances of goodness all around . It must be a manifestation of God’s presence all around us .
One incident that represents a thrilling moment in times gone by, was when I walked up to receive my Grandslam certificate at the  Xerox event in Australia and was given a huge standing ovation , reserved usually for the Category champions .It had been a very tough year and the Customer Care team had been at the rough end of the stick for most of the year .That year the Customer Serviice team quota for this glamourous  sales event had been slashed from 40 odd to just 16 .I also had a distinct impression that the organising committee were treating us as undesireable add ons !! That was the event that brought a tear to my eye when a Care team member wanted me to pose with him for a personal snap .I hoped that I would look reasonably dignified and the snap would come out good and be memorable for him .
My award that year had ben tucked away with the motely  nominee add ons to the event the HR the Admin ,the Factory et al  ,byitself an injustice given the strong operational role of the Customer Support Team. My name was also one of the last called up to receive the certificate .Not a winners certificate but a nominee’s as always. As I walked up to receive the certificate , more as a formality  I thought , from Mr Nanani , I was over whelmed by the huge standing ovation I received .It was by far the nicest surprise I had received in a very long time. It seemed a universal recognition of the tough year that had gone by and a reflection of the appreceation shared by the large gathering at the event of the efforts put in by the team.So , I reflected , the Team had finally been recognised in that standing ovation for me and justice in some measure had been done to them .    

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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