Getting on “Board”

First times have a charm of their own .I do remember my very first air journey .It was way back in 1978 and it quite a thrilling feeling as I walked across the tarmac and entered an aircraft for the very first time.Air travel then in India, was not as frequent as it is now nor was it as inexpensive.It literarily cost the moon way back then.I do remember telling myself then, that that would be the first of many more to follow .How very true, as it turned out.

Not long after, I went to Moscow to participate in a Trade Fair showcasing Indian goods .I was deputed to man a stall on electronics products from India. Again that maiden and interesting exposure to the world outside India was followed by several visits to countries around the globe for business , conferencing and recognition events .I have had the good fortune to visit a fair clutch of countries , some of them several times and I am now a fairly seasoned traveller .

There was one experience that eluded me all through my career and that was to serve on the Board of a company .Finally the opportunity came to me as my company nominated me to be on the Board of a Joint Venture between our company and a giant in the field of Telecommunications.When I signed the initial documents approving of certain resolutions it was a really thrilling feeling.I couldnt help feel a sense of gratitude to my company for giving me this opportunity and a quiet thank you to the Force for this show of good fortune .

The day of the first meeting was last Thursday and though my wife was quite unwell ,I went with her blessings to attend this long awaited first for me .I was as excited as a little school boy.I asked our Chief Financial Officer , who was also on the Board with me if smart casuals would be ok!! He said he thought it would .I got out a brand new set of clothes for this very special occasion. I had noticed that for our company’s own Board meetings the members wore jackets or business suits .On the day of the meeting some wore business suits and some smart casuals .I didnt feel out of place but resolved that the next time I would wear a Jacket.

The meeting was made all the more special by the guest presence of the CEO’s of both the parent cmpany’s and the very formal air to the precedings given by the Interim Chairman of the Board .I loved every bit of the meeting though I didnt have to say a word.I sure am looking forward to the future meetings particularly as we get into the business side of the engagements in future.

I was a babe in the woods in this setting but like always I know I will soon find my bearings and contribute what ever way possible.

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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