More on S-21 and the Seven Bells

This morning as I was watching  CNN there was a lead story on 5 top leaders of the Khymer Rouge being put under trial for charges of genocide.The first on trial was Duch , the infamous Head of the S-21 concentration camp we had visit while in Cambodia . I was very moved to see pictures of the torture that had taken place in that school turned concentration camp and was glad to know that finally justice was being done for those who suffered so very much.
Duch was remarkably cool as he stood in the docks facing  a panel of Cambodian and  international judges .The programme gave a bit of background of his life and pictures of him in the mid seventies when torture and mayhem reigned .He is reported to have repented and became a Christian , acknowledged that he had done wrong and  that many of the tortured were innocent. He gave him self up in 1990 and has since been in jail .He does look like a repentent sinner but I am sure he will have to face the consequences of the dastardly deeds done under his leadership. 
One thing I propose to do is to make available for public viewing the photos I had taken while at the S-21 Concentration Camp and posted on Flickr. Till now they have been open only for private viewing by family and friends.
As we closed last year I had resolved to ring in the new year with the new Seven Bells phase .I had hoped that I would be able to put my feet up on the table if only a trifle .However the year began with additional responsibilities thrust on my frail shoulders and since then I have had my hands full and showing the classical signs of chronic stress !!!! All my good intentions for the year have been on the back burner since then .Although I did manage to read two books , The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga , which I like very much and The Buddha by Deepak Chopra , which I also found very well written .
The challenge on me now is too finally arrive at the right work life balance !!! Ha I finally have to face up to it .This time I am determined to find the right balance and win !!!  To add to the pressures , my wife Deepa has been diagnosed as having Occular Myesthenia .She is understandable worried about this and needs my support more than ever.I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with her as she pulls through this phase . 

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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