Meeting old friends

We are off in a few days to New Zealand and Australia for a sales conference and a few days vacation to meet family and close friends .Melboune is full of old friends and classmates who migrated from India  ,Royapuram to be more precise ,and have settled down quite well.I am looking forward to connecting with these nostalgic links from my childhood and boyhood days .Hope Cedric will be able to link me up with all these old friends .
Then there will be Bobby & Gillean who we will be staying with and loking forward to havinga good time with .Deepa in particular is really keen on this trip .We’ll meet Reena and her sons too and that will be wonderful .Last time I did manage  to visit Reena and we had lunch with her .
Gillean managed to get hold of the phone number of a classmate from std 3 & 4!!! Jean D’Souza and now Mahbubani .We hadnt met or spoken to each other for all of twenty odd years or more .I did however ring her up when Gillean gave me the number and we spoke quite animatedly for all of 45 mins or so .Never for a moment did it seem that we had not been in touch for such a long time .I guess the nostalgic pull of yester years is so very strong.It would have been wonderful to meet Jean ,Ramesh and family but I understand they will be away during the week end when we will be in Melbourne .Such a pity .
The visit to Christchurch and Queens Town in New Zealand will be fun filled and a great experience .We are looking forward to this as we have never been to New Zealand before and we hear it is a beautiful country and a photographers delight.I’m all set to shoot as many snaps as possible off every little thing that catches my fancy .
Nokia normally arrages such conference very well and includes quite a bit of out door networking activity which I know will be both fun and exciting .
More about all of this when we are back  

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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