A horse and carriage ride

We woke up quite late at 07.45 .We clearly didnt know how tired we were and needed a spell of sleep.Guess the previous day was a very long day as we woke up at 5.00 am to get some quality time to watch the Viking Mareilla cut through the waters .We had a nice time sitting togehter and clicking away at the shore line as we approached Stockholm and also took a few snaps of the interiors of the cruize vessel. We decided to have a quick freshen up and head for breakfast and then decide what to do in the morning before we took the train for Copenhagen.
We rushed and checked out early in order to keep our options open for the morning.Eventually we decided to do the unusual and go on a horse and carriage ride through the old parts of Stockholm.This turned out to be another unique experience… being driven around in a carriage drawn by two horses.We were told the horses are of Estonian breed.The horses and carriage drew a lot of curiosity and tourist clicked photos of us all the way.It certainly was a unique experience.It was fun listening to the clip clopping of the horses hooves on the narrow cobbled streets of old Stockholm.
We did apreceate the influence of the long monarchy reign in Sweden and the preservation of centuries old cultural heritage.In the time available after the ride we strolled around the old quarters of Stockholm again soaking in the environment. The Sweedes are proud of the fact that they have the longest reigning monarchy .The British monarchy was  probably established before the Sweedish one but had it’s reign broken for a spell by Cromwell .The Swedes are also proud that they have the largest Palace in the world , one room larhger than the Buckingham Palace !!!The King who seemed to reign in the hearts of the people is Karl XII the warrior King.The Swedes were clearly expansionist in the past , more so in any rate than the other countries in the region.
I must read more about it , but I suppose the Vikings ruled out of Sweden .I read an inscription in the National Museum in Copenhagen that while the popular believe is that the Vikings were bands of disorganised mauraders , there is enough historical evidence to suggest  that there was order and collective  activity and administration among the Vikings.
It is strange that while the Viking influence was very much in evidence there was little we picked up and learned about the Vikings .Some research on the internet is called for on this for sure.
By noon we were back at the Main Railway station and speeding along in the train to Malmo.There to change trains and head for Copenhagen for the last leg of this wonderful holiday.It has been much better than what we hoped it would be .The train ride was also a great experience and the Swedish country side was wonderful to watch. 

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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