The City Hall and more

We were early for the Historical Canal Tour so we went across to the City Hall .. the place where the Nobel Prizes are awarded and the Royal Nobel Prize dinner is held.The ambience and setting was simply magical.We took loads of photos though we didnt plan to go on the guided tour of the City Hall  the next day .
The Historical Canal Cruize was also great .As in Helsinki the audio commentary was very clear and the contents was superb.We saw beautiful historical sights .. unfortunately both Deepa and I had choosen not to take any snaps due t the threat of rain and drizzle from time to time.We both missed some beautiful sights which we  were not to get an opportunity to see again for the rest of the visit .
In the evening we walked up and down a trendy and happening street .We eventually decided to have a Sweedish meal  at an English Pub , Pickwick Pub !!!A friendly hostess of Polish origin but born and brought up in Sweeden helped us select the dishes .I had a dish of baked fish potatoes & cheese while Deepa had meat balls and potatoes.I slugged down two glasses of a Sweedish beer while Deepa nocked back ginger ale.We sipped our drinks and took the meal slow and leasurely as do most people here and finally ended dinner around 10.45 pm.We did have a wonderful time just relaxing and speaking through the evening.
The entire holiday has been a series of beautiful experiences.At times we were just sitting around at popular places munching snacks and sipping drinks and soaking in the environment along with many other tourist from around the world.At other times we were off on excellantly run guided tours and at other times going through the fun experience of finding our way around.In spite of the aprehensions I had at the start of the tour , we managed beautifully and had a superb holiday .These are very tourist friendly countries and we faced no problem conversing in english right through.From a tourist comfort point of view our country is no match for these countries.

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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