We had a very smooth arrival and settling in at Stockholm… the bus strike created no problems for us although our hotel was in the Northern Suburbs . and took care to We took a Viking Line Shuttle into the centre of the city and took care to dis embark at the Main Railway station this time .The Stockholm SJ Lounge is very beautiful and spaciously laid out.
We first got our Rail tickets reserved for Malmo/Copenhagen on the 2.15 pm train on the 11th then went on to the Tourist Information Centre to get our bearings and all we needed and directions to the Hotel.We received very clear directions on how to get to the Hotel and were also able to buy a Travel Ticket to enable us to travel by any public transport system in the Stockholm Region  for 24 hours. 
At both the Main Railway station and the tourist info centre we saw technology and effeciency at work.At both places electronic machines despensed Q tickets .At both locations we received very friendly and courtious treatment from well trained staff.The route guidance to our Hotel was great . The counter girl keyed in the destination and time and on her terminal and  took a print out for us giving the exact details of the route involving both the metro line and the local train with precise mention of all timings including likely wait time at the local train station .We were told the entire trip would take 27 mins and a promise of 550 yds walk to the Hotel when we get off the train.
Efficiency and technology at work was evident every where in the countries we visited.On our return late at night after a sumptious meal we reached the bus station to board a bus fore the hotel at around 11.30 pmThe bus terminal had a lighted sign indication that our bus would arrive at 23.41.At precisely this time the lighted sign started blinking to warn us the bus would be approaching and it did bang on time.
The hotel room was spacious and comfortable and this time we had an ironing board in the room .We had lunch at TGI Friday carrying away large hamburgers and cappachinos and sat around a fountain square and munched away as we soaked in the environment and watched the vacationerslolling around sun bathing.Stockholm was much warmer than Helshinki so it was natural to see more peoplein hot pants and short skirts. In Helsinki this was rare and when you did see a person so attired it would in all probablity be a tourist from S E Asia. Later that afternoon after a short nap at the hotel we went to the City Hall to catch the Historical Canal tour.

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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