Red Carpet ..Dah

The Red Carpet fiasco was quite amazing.They did a good job of our Swiss trip but created a host of glitches on this tour.To start with the start date for the tour was Monday night and return Sunday night next insteadof departure Sunday night and return on Saturday night next.We did manage to change the start date to Sunday night but couldnt change the return date .I was originally scheduled to attend a breakfast meeting next Monday at 8.30 am so I wouldnt have been able to rest awhile and adjust to our time zone .Luckily the breakfast meeting was postponed !!
Then there was the name gof up .My tickets were booked as BHASKARAN and the passport has BASKARAN.We were also booked as vegetarians while both of us wanted continentalk style non veg food .Then the guide tour timing gof ups.I already mentioned the Porvoo  / Viking Line clash .Then there was the Copenhagen city tour scheduled on the day we were travelling from Stockholm to Copenhagen and would have missed it.Luckily this was spotted .. probably after I raised a hue and cry on the Poorvoo mishap and a fresh voucher was raised for the next day and faxed to me . To top it all was info of a bus strike at Stockholm which was out side Red Carpets control .Luckily this was no hinderence to us and we managed comfortably inspite of the bus strike.
Must say the FORCE was with us all the way on this trip .We got around all the glitches more so the Viking /Poorvoo timing clash.We were able to get away from the guided tour just in time .. reached the bus terminal at Poorvoo just in time to catch the bus to Helsinki … and reached Helsinki on time. We were then mysteriously guided by the FORCE through the right exit gate from the underground bus terminal and there to be guide by a kindly soul to the City Station from where we briskly walked dragging our strolleys along to the Viking Line Terminal.We were also guided to take the pedistrian way rather than the vehicles path that we had taken on the first day of rece shortening both the walking effort and the time to reach the terminal.
It was  tiring all the way to the Terminal  and entry into the Viking Mariella cruize vessel but the Force was with us all the way and we had a lovely time on the cruize. 

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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