The Viking Mariella

The cruize on the Viking Mariella from Helsinki to Stockholm was a great experience if different from what I thought it would be .I had always imagined more space and time on the deck ( remember the deck chairs andpeople lazing around in sun glasses we see in movies??). Here it was all indoors and the view of the sea and the lovely coast line was from closed windows of the restaurants and port holes where we coulod sit around and gaze across the sea and watch the ship cutting through the waters.On a brief openning of a side door on the 6th or 7th deck, we witnessed huge gusts of wind and a board warning people of going slding away if you go out .
The cabin was tiny at first sight and we wondered how we would manage to spend a whole night in it .It did turn out to be comfortable , elegant and well designed once we got used to it .Even the bath room while being tiny was just right.I didnt know you could have such a comfy warm shower in such a small space.We opted for the Viking Buffet dinner which was fairly lavish and we splurged and hogged .It was a triffle expensive and crowded but we enjoyed it very much.
The morning in Helsinki was spent leasurely sipping coffee and eating cheese cakes and donuts at Cafe Kappili and watched the people passing by.It was a relaxed and leisure quite unlike the rushing around we had to do in the afternoon to catch the cruize on time.
The trip to the Old Wooden Town of Poorvoo about 45 mins away from Helsinki by bus wasnt enjoyable as the Tour Operator Red Carpet had done a sloppy job of planning.Our reporting time for the Cruize was at 5.00pm at just the same time that the bus would return from Poorvoo.We had to rush back by a seprerate bus seperating from the rest of the group and reported just on time after some brisk walking from the bus terminal to the Cruize Docking terminal our respective strolleys in tow .Thank goodness for the light luggage we were carrying.
The Poorvoo town it self would have been enjoyable if we could have seen it and experienced it leasurely .As it  was we just managed to take a few photos of the houses by the river side and alsdo visited the Poet Renuberg’s house.He sure had a very well layed out anmd furnished house for a poet .We are told that almost every thing in the house was gifted to him by patrons and well wishers.But the poet himself seemed to have lived a fairly flamboyent life style.His stature sculptured by his son Walter is in the Esplanadi Park .
Day three in the final analysis was adventurous and novel.  

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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