Finnair– Urgh

The Finnair experience on our way out to Helsinki was way before par for a Carrier wanting to be the leader in traffic between Europe and Asia.I had taken the inaugural flight to Helsinki a couple of years ago and had a reasonable experience .That was business class though and I had the experience of a flat bed sleep for the first time in an aorcraft.It’s now common practice for most airines in Business Class.The inaugural flight had just about 25 passangers in the entiere aircraft !! Since then I do believe traffic has gone up considerably.Nokia for sure uses only ythis airline for travel into Europe and back.
Likein the case of Air India there was no announcement of any delay .The announcement came finally just 10 mins before take off. The delay of 40 mins or so was on account of the now familiar late arrival of the incomming arcraft.The inflight expereience was terrible.Very little leg space and as the travellers in front of us had reclined their seats from the very beginning we were left wondering how we were going to pull through the night .Food was the worst I’ve ever experienced on a long haul flight.. just a couple of sandwitches at take off .Soft drinks , wine and beer were on the house but hard drinks were charged at Euro 4/- each !!! I do know the flight was a very late night flight but never the less most airlines do much better than this.And at breakfast what was supposaed to be a Continental meal turned out to be an Indian vegetarian meal !!
he hostesses were quite matronly and barely courteous just like in Air India.Te Indian stewards looked green and in need of training.To cap it off we had a loud mouth passanger who talked his was into being plied with beer and eats right through the night , and he along with another Indian passanger , who removed his shirt presumeably to feel more at home , drank and talkked through the night.At times joined by the air hostesses and the stewards !!! We finaly got peace and quiet about an hour or so before landing .  

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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