Long haul for the Jedi Way

We’ve just got started with the new project focussed work way .Unifying mindsets and ‘forming’ the team is taking quite a while ,though I have been giving quite abit of focus on this aspect of the work way. Differing temperaments and differing motivation levels are a challenge. We are on the verge of kick starting some of the projects and this I am sure will also help establish the spirit of partnership and the role and engagement of team members .What we are attempting is quite different from the usual structured work way , so a few stutters at the start is only to be expected.
A key success factor for this project is what I will choose to call the Jedi mind set .As I said earlier what we are attempting to do has little relevance to the Jedi’s of Star Wars fame , however I will continue to draw references to the Jedis and establish parallels and also draw lessons from them . To me a Jedi is completely self motivated and an up holder of fair play and correct principles .He also is completely focused on the tasks on hand and these are in sync with the directions of the Jedi council .The Master Disciple relationship is strong and the dedication of both the Master and the Disciple result in the development of a great Jedi Knight.
Our team has a fair distance to go before they can aspire truely to be on the Jedi path .But this has to be what one must accept at the start of any such project which will require behavioral changes , adjustments to the new work way and establishment of clear tasks with goals ,priorities and responsibilities of individual team members .The ‘norming’ stage I guess. The absence of one or the other team member is affecting the very Forming stage itself.
How successful we are time will tell .I for one will spare no effort or thought on making it a great success.

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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