Leadership Trg & a new Project

I have been meaning to step up off site training programmes for my colleagues in the DMS Division of HCL.In the recent past I have been able to push these through, the most recent of which was over 11th & 12th April ’08 at the TERI Retreat on the Faridabad – Gurgaon Road.Almost all the participants liked the programme very much and I’ve already decided that the next programme would be an out board at Rishikesh .
The trainer Yadhav Mehra vibed well with the team having himself been in a Distribution Operation at one time in Madura Coats.He ran the programme with a fair mix of class room effort and out door and in door excercises that got the team fully engaged.This programmes enabled the participants to get a grasp of Situational Leadership and  their own Principle style through an excercise that got the team fully engrossed .They also understood the evolution of subordinates on the competency / motivation grid.There were other elements of learning however I am not going to cover the course per se in any level of detail.
Training , regularly held , serves as a great forum to broaden the vision and competency set of the team . I have been used to a high degree of structured training programmes in Xerox and found the over all level of training and competency low in our team baring ofcourse their skills in the sales and distribution areas.  But such was the transaction intensive nature of our business that I was guilty of neither encouraging deputing team members for training courses nor arranging for in house courses .Arranging training is surely a way of telling your team you care about them.Mentorship and training are really programmes I want to push through for my team .
I have commenced an interesting experiment where I have pulled out three team members out of the more mundane day to day operations and have created a special group that will address the more strategic issues facing our Business Area. I am going to make this team function in an ideal atmosphere for such work and the people for this project have been carefully choosen as they have the requiste competency and also the mindset. Will keep sharing progress under the Title " The Jedi Way" .The work they will be doing will have little or no relevance to the Jedi’s of Star Wars fame .I have just hit upon this title more because of my fascination for the Jedi’s and the way they function in the Master- Mentor relationship , how they impart training , their value sytems and the use of mind in addition to fighting skills.Like in the Jedi tradition I will impart all I know to this group of three for making this project a success.   

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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