Sandhya’s wedding

Weddings are great times for family get togethers  and Sandhya’s was no exception.We did miss Seema & Darshan , and also Sanjay & Lyinda and Rajesh .Cho & Abhijeet came along as also Nandi .Aruna couldnt make it as she had to attend another wedding at B’lore at the same time .Vidya & Suren also didnt make it sothere was no representation from Hema’s side of the family.
The evening before had the traditional ‘ arrie nurrikaling’ ceremony that Sandhya was very keen on . The drinks and general bonhommie made for a wonderful evening .The wedding ceremony it self ,at St Thomas English Church was a lovely event .The singing of hymns , the exchange of vows and the sermon bythe priest all added to a fairly tale touch. The reception in the evening also had unique touches with the toasts proposed by Ravi,the Toast Master, and by the Groom’s father and the Groom. The Grand March and dances thereafter were a great touch  of comraderie to the evening .The reception thrown by Sandeep’s parents had it’s own uniqueness .The evening was designed to get the close family members of both sides to get to know each other .In keeping with Sandeep’s father’s Management Consultancy background , the evening had a set of ice breakers and games.In spite of delayed arrival by the guests , partly out of sheer habit and partly due to traffic snarls , the evening was fullof fun and the ice breakers served their purpose.
It was then time for the family bash at Pondicherry.We stayed at the St James Court Resort , which turned out to be a reasonably good place besides the beach.These family get togethers are now becoming have become a tradtion with our family and I do believe they will continue to keep our family and children very close to each other.
The presence of great singers like Bobby & Melissa added to the fun .Great guitar work by Sandeep & Bobby also helped add gaiety to the evening of fun & dance.To top it all of ,Sandeep & Sandhya passed through Delhi on their way to Shimla and stayed with us for a spell and so did Bobby & Gillean completing the great family reunion we had .We took loads of photos .. have attached a few representative ones       

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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