Preparing to meet Sensei

From the moment I committed myself to going on the training course  in Japan, I seem to be lead on by the course of events ,and the design of our leaders ,onto a path of self discovery , learning and seeking . Seeking a mission for my self and what it requires to deepen faith and improve my practice . 

On the day of our training course interviews , a ladies first policy gave me time to chant at the kaikan for over two hours to help me understand why I should be  going  and to deepen my resolve to go. I was thrilled and considered myself most fortunate to be one of just six from our Chapter to be selected to attend this training course from over a hundred members strong in faith and practice who had given in their names for this course.  

Weekly guidance meetings with the Secretaries was a meeting I began to long for as we received guidance on preparing ourselves to meet Sensei. I had set a modest target of two hours daimoku daily , daily study of Sensei’s guidance’s and Gosho and the study of Dr Radhakrishnan’s book “In search of  a new humanity.” I also set about studying the determination chapter of the Human Revolution. .A higher than usual level of activities, work pressures and the needs of the family made it a struggle to achieve even these modest targets. I just never gave up trying till the last moment.  

Right from the very beginning I began to chant very specifically that nothing should prevent me from going on this course – my own health, the health of family members, or any eventuality at the office. It became so that I started viewing everything as a possible threat to the training course. I found myself error prone and accident prone while driving and became extra cautious. It seemed my entire being was focused on defending threats to attending the programme.  

A very heavy activity level kept me away from home for most of the time .Our Chapter Leader and I had set a target of early morning Gongyo meeting at al Pillar Group members houses. Even mundane things like my son Shirish’s inability to get to school on time interfered with this programme and it was a struggle to be on time for each activity because of the morning rush at home.  

I seemed always to be chanting or dashing off on activities, so before long my wife got fed up with this pre-occupation. I had now to chant specifically to ensure through my behavior and attitude that my wife and children also support my efforts to go victoriously to the training programme. I simply could not accept a situation were my wife just gave only grudging support for the training course .I am happy to say that my efforts and the warm caring and concern shown by the Leaders paid off – for my wife eventually gave her full support for the programme and al the activities I had thrown myself into .This has been a hall mark of my wife .She always supported all my Endeavour’s whether or not she believed in them or not .I am truly fortunate to have such a loving and considerate wife.  

The plague in Surat and consequent postponement of the training course was a major disappointment and a huge obstacle for all of us. I will never forget the day we were summoned for a meeting by  the a Secretaries and informed very grimly that it had been decided to call off our participation of the training programme as it was too much of a health risk and a cause of discomfort and danger for all the participating overseas members .  

The clear guidance given to us by the Secretaries helped us understand and accept the situation in it’s broader perspective .The confidence of the Secretaries that a new date would be announced to meet Sensei , gave us fresh hope and we al resolved to continue our preparations plague or no plague. With the full confidence that the programme would go on – when exactly none of us knew. All our original determinations remained in tact. The deeper significance of our practice of working single-mindedly for the welfare of others unmindful of personal gains or disappointments became clearer to us.  

Eventually fresh dates were announced and it seemed just natural – it had to happen. Now we had to re-double our efforts not to slip up, with a deep sense of gratitude to Sensei for making this training programme possible just one month after the postponement.

Just when one was getting supremely confident that there was nothing to worry about, a big mental test awaited me.  

The company announced the Honours Club event .This year the event was to be held at Amsterdam, had was to be held just before the training programme at Japan. Normally this would have been a cause for excitement and good cheer. This time I knew this event would be a big threat to my preparations to meet Sensei .Also so tight was the schedule that we had to leave for Japan the same day I was returning from Amsterdam. I decided to single mindedly apply the Chief Secretary’s simple guidance to me – that was not to forget my targets of daimoku and study .Right through that distracting event at Amsterdam , I maintained morning and evening Gongyo and with out fail completed two hours daimoku every day ..During this period I really felt good .I was more than ever focused on meeting Sensei.  

Due to the prayers of all members of our Group & Block, I had no problems of any kind during the hectic last days and with perfect flight timings and in good health, I was able to return from Amsterdam and leave for Japan to finally meet Sensei.

I had learned many things even during the period leading up to the training programme .The importance of being alert and focused at all times .How our efforts always influence the course of events – how our single minded determination backed by prayer to achieve some thing always wins .The prime purpose of our faith which really is to work for the happiness of others, also some how became a deeper part of me.  

The training course at Japan brought home to us the grand scale and vision that Sensei has for the world wide kosen-rufu movement .For Sensei only the best was god enough – there was no place for half hearted efforts. Seeing the great determination and efforts of the Japanese members moved us all very much. Each and every member had set aside personal difficulties and problems and went out of the way to make us have a memorable time. And truly it was the most memorable moments of our life – moments we will never forget for all our lives


Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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