Enter a force multiplier

On 26 May, 1978 I married Deepa. A more wonderful wife no one could ever ask for.The Ramachandran’s are a terrific family.My father in law , now sadly no more, was one of the finest gentlemen you would ever come across. Deepa was supremely understanding and accommodating all through our married life and was a great force multiplier for me in the pursuit of my career.She took charge of running the house besides taking care of the needs of all of us — me and the kids.She hardly ever thought of herself or her needs. I was a poor father and  home maker.Work-life balance was something I never thought  about or considered all through my career. I always carried my work related tensions back home and often just wanted to be by myself or watch TV or listen to music or what not .. I never learnt to relax by being with the kids and playing or doing things with them.If I lead my life again,this is something I would definitely correct.
Marriage changed many things for me.For one I was no longer plagued by a sense of loneliness.Our early days at Hyderabad where Deepa’s sister,Asha,Aunt & Uncle and their kids were a great source of company. Deepa ,therefore ,had the support of near relatives  ,which helped her settle into her new role.We also had great company from Cheenu & Pushpa who lived across the road.They were also a newly wed couple and we had a lot in common.Life was so comfortable that when I got requests to shift to Delhi for a lucrative assignment I refused it,much to the consternation of the Chairman.
When we did shift to Delhi it was when our first child was expected.We moved into Deepa’s parents house and there perhaps lies the reason for my poor engagement as a father or family man.Deepa had more than enough support from her parents and I was not forced into the supporting role or mandatory duties of taking care of our baby.
We have two wonderful children,Seema & Shirish who grew up to be wonderful adults and thankfully with out any problems of health or maladjustment.Both are leading wonderful lives of their own.Ours is a model and happy family for which I remain ever indebted to the Almighty.

Author: hari008

Business Leader , Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement , developing high performance teams and mentoring team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies

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