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About “These Bloomin’ Anglos”

For those who like to cock a snook at the Anglo Indians, consider this: Anglo Indian military prowess resulted in the formation of legendary military units, in the pre-independence era, which have continued in the Indian army even today. Skinner’s Horse founder by Lt. Col. James Skinner and the Shekawati Brigade later known as the 13th Rajput Regiment formed by Col. Henry Forster are some of them.

Air Chief Marshal Denis La Fontaine, Admiral Ronald Pereira, Lt. General Reginald Naronha, the Keelor brothers, Eric Stracey, former Director General of Police in Tamil Nadu, Ruskin Bond, one of India’s best story tellers, Melville de Mello, the voice of All India Radio, Olympian Leslie Claudius, Wilson Jones, the country’s first world champion, Frank Anthony, Derek O’Brian and the list can go on and on, are Anglo Indians who did their community proud and are household names in India.

Why then has the community been subjected to so much prejudice?

These Bloomin’ Anglos is a succinct and balanced view of the community and is a must read for Anglo Indians who have settled abroad or remained in India.                                   

About The Author


Hari is a Business Leader, Mentor and Executive Coach with a long track record of achievement. He has groomed and developed high performance teams and mentored team members who now hold responsible positions in several leading companies.

Hari is an avid cyclist and trekker and is interested in photography, philosophy and travel. He enjoys participating in long distance cycling events and dedicated his last 250 km ride at the Desert 500 event, in Rajasthan, to care and rehabilitation of disadvantaged children affected by cancer. His books cover thrilling experiences of his travels across the globe; a moving account of his family all of whom are victims of cancer and a ring- side view of a path breaking outsourcing project.

Hari is an alumnus of the Indian Institute Of Management, Bangalore, India and the College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, India. He was the Executive Director in Xerox India and the Executive Vice President in HCL Infosystems Ltd. prior to his retirement.

Hari studied at St. Mary’s Anglo Indian High School, Chennai and lived the formative years of his youth in Royapuram.

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Other Books By Hari Baskaran

Informative without being boring, interspersed with personal interactions & humour, Hari brings out the true essence of this dwindling community with their unique lifestyle in his book ” These Bloomin Anglos”  A sensitive & heart-warming portrayal indeed!

Saras J

Lovely hearing from you. Thank you for sending me the first three chapters of your book and the summary of it. It makes very interesting reading and you have recalled so much nostalgia.

Bridget White Kumar

Well-written and quite gripping in its own way, I think the essence of the book is its narration and literary style. The life and times of the Anglo-Indian community are well depicted and brings out the goodness in them – a sort of innocence.

Arun Balakrishnan

Really good stuff, Hari.  I look forward to buying and reading your book when it has been published.  Kudos to you for the hard work you have put into this book.

Take care and God bless

Desmond Holt

Thank you for your introduction and a taste of your book.  All the very best with it, and the launches. I look forward to reading more!

Dr Robyn Andrews

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